Business Admin

For those working in business admin team, learners to gain the skills needed to progress in a wide range of roles, enabling them to support customers before, during and after purchase. Areas covered include understanding and engaging with customers, managing own personal development, understanding employer organizations and communication.



For those working in marketing team, learners gain the knowledge and skills needed to progress within a marketing profession. Areas covered range from introduction to digital marketing to social media channels to designing and evaluating marketing plans to contributing to advertising and promotional campaigns and digital events.



For those working in a sales team, learners gain selling skills to undertake their roles more effectively, take on more responsibility and improve the overall effectiveness of their organization in a wide range of industries. Areas covered range from introduction to modern sales to strategic account management to managing sales teams.


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Certified Sales Foundation (CSF)

Certified Sales Manager (CSM)

Certified Account Manager (CAM)

Certified Digital Marketer (SDM)

Programmatic Ads Foundation

Time Management for Sales Professionals

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